RFID Blocking Credit Card Protector – RFID Blocker Sleeves – Skimming Blocker

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Credit Card Rfid Protector

RFID Blocking protection

Skimming Blocker is the only card that sends a 50mm jamming signal.

It protects your bank/credit card and ID card 24/7. Does your card have a WiFi signal logo? If so, then it has NFC (Near Field Communication) capability. Undoubtedly it is very convenient to pay wirelessly at the cash register, but it also puts you at great RISK of e-pickpocketing.

Criminals with a smart phone can even read your card data easily; they only have to hold it near your wallet or pocket, all the data will be then captured by the phone immediately.

Skimming Blocker sends out a responsive jamming signal whenever there is a skimmer device near you, it acts like a protective shield for your wallet. A single Skimming Blocker can protect up to 12 cards, which means one Skimming Blocker can protect your entire wallet. Check out this video to learn about why and how you should protect your wallets.

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RFID Passport Blocker

New passports nowadays are also equipped with an RFID chip, which holds the whole lot of your personal information that could potentially fall prey to an ID theft. Our newly launched RFID Passport Blocker can protect you against such unlawful activities.

The Passport Blocker has different pocket sleeves, into which your passport, bank card, ID card and boarding pass can easily fit in. It makes your travel easy and safe.

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